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Stay Alert! Watch out for new amazon scams

As the holiday shopping season heats up, you may be doing some purchasing from Amazon, which is what scammers are counting on. If you've recently placed an order, then you're going to be less suspicious of an email from Amazon confirming it. But now's the time to be more suspicious than ever because these tricksters can get you into trouble. Here's how it works: They send you a fake email confirming an order you didn't place and asking...

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The truth about those weird Facebook friend requests 

Question: A few of my Facebook friends sent me messages saying they got a Facebook friend request from me when we're already friends, and that I may want to check my account and forward the message to others. What should I do? Answer: It's entirely possible that your friends did get a bogus friend request from someone who created a fake account with your name and photo. It's easy enough to find out; simply do a search for your name...

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Stay Alert! Watch out for fake retail sites

As you start your holiday shopping, you'll no doubt be looking for great deals   that is, the best prices for the items you want to buy. Keep in mind, however, that some prices truly are too good to be true. Fake websites that advertise extreme bargains and mimic actual shopping sites are out there, and they want to trick you out of your money by not sending you the products you order or sending you shoddy look-alike products...

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Join us for your Annual Meeting

 Triangle will be holding its annual meeting of members on Saturday, October 13th at MSU-Northern’s student union building in Havre.  There will be food, your friends and neighbors and some great prizes.  Don’t miss your chance to win the Grand Prize of tickets to the 2019 Red Ants Pants Festival or a 55 inch Samsung Smart TV!  You won’t want to miss it.  Registration starts at 8:30am with the business portion...

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