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CEO Message - May/June 2023

The Board of Trustees would like to inform the Triangle membership that they approved adding additional exchanges into District 3 at the November board meeting. The change in districts is a direct reflection of the bylaws (Section 5.02, Trustee Districts) and the policy to review districts at least every six years. The Board of Trustees does its best to ensure that each district has about the same number of members per district. This necessitated the need to move Hingham, Gildford and Kremlin from District 4 to District 3 and has closely equalized the number of members in each district. This message serves as notice to all members of the redistricting. If you live and are a current member in Kremlin, Gildford or Hingham and would like to run for a Trustee position in the future, you will now have to run in the District 3 election instead of the District 4 election.

With the change in the district boundary, District 3 will gain the Kremlin, Gilford and Hingham exchanges (circled in red), the exchanges will go from green to dark blue on the next map once issued. Please check our website for the latest information on news about the cooperative and for the new district map.

district map mayjune

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