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About Us

Triangle Telephone Cooperative (TTC) is a company owned by its members. The cooperative was incorporated on March 24, 1953 in Havre, Montana by rural residents of Central Montana. In 1994, TTC purchased 13 exchanges from US West (now CenturyLink) and formed a subsidiary named Central Montana Communication (CMC). Triangle Communications is the name TTC and its subsidiaries have chosen to do business as since 2008.

We provide telecommunications services including Broadband Internet and local and long distance telephone to residents of Central Montana. Our 17,000+ subscribers live in parts of 16 counties from the Canadian to the Wyoming border over 23,000 square miles. We are also very proud to support our communities, businesses and area youth with various scholarships, grants and loans to help keep this area thriving.

Our Leadership

Part of the cooperative business model is democratic control. Triangle’s Board of Trustees is made up of Triangle members who dedicate their time to serve on the governing board. They represent the members from different districts in our service area and make decisions to lead Triangle into the future. You are encouraged to share your comments and concerns with them, as well as Triangle's management team.

Craig Gates

General Manager / CEO
Havre, MT

Richard Stuker


Chinook, MT
(406) 357-3495

Rich Swartz

Vice President

Broadview, MT
(406) 667-2243

Rick Pokorny

Secretary / Treasurer

Big Sandy, MT
(406) 386-2280

Eric Hanson


Gildford, MT
(406) 376-2227

Doug Lowry


Big Timber, MT
(406) 932-4633

Dave Schwarzbach


Big Sandy, MT
(406) 378-2400

Liz Werk


Hays, MT
(406) 673-3902

Contact Our Leadership

Our Board always welcomes comments and feedback from our valued Members. If you would like to contact one of our Board Members you can call them directly or send an electronic form here.

Our mission is to deliver technology solutions that break boundaries, create opportunities and build connections. 

Our vision is to inspire endless possibilities anytime, anywhere.

Our Service Area

Being a cooperative, our members are the owners.  The members, through their elected Board of Directors, ensure they are receiving the absolute best value for their membership.

The Board of Directors’ key purpose is to ensure the company’s prosperity by collectively overseeing the company’s affairs, while meeting the appropriate interests of the membership.  The Board of Directors must deal with the challenges and issues relating to the continual change of regulations. Board members are required to attend continuing education seminars and are expected to attend regional and national meetings to keep informed on the industry.

Director Board meetings may be conducted monthly and additional quarterly joint board meetings with Triangle Communications Board of Trustee are also held. In fact, board members spend approximately 40 days a year conducting board duties.

The key tasks that the board focuses on are:

Establish Vision, Mission and Values

  • Determine the company’s vision and mission to guide and set the pace for its current operations as well as future development.

Set Strategy and Policy

  • Review and evaluate present and future opportunities; threats and risks in the external environment; set board policies and ensure that any company policies do not put the cooperative at risk.

Ensure a financially healthy organization

  • The board hires external auditors to audit the finances of the cooperative and to make sure that the cooperative is doing everything it can financially to ensure the longevity of the cooperative.

Delegate Authority to Management

  • After determining strategic options, the board delegates to the general manager the pursuit of those strategic opportunities.  The general manager, the board attorney and the auditors are the only positions that are the boards’ responsibility.  The board does not oversee day to day operations. 
Triangle Communications

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