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Capital Credit Checks on the way

The Triangle Telephone Cooperative, doing business as Triangle Communications (Triangle), Board of Trustees approved a general retirement of capital credits of approximately $986,846.56.  This sum represents 50% of the capital credits earned by members in 1991 and 0.5% (1/2 of 1%) of those earned from 1992 to 2016. 

Triangle is mailing out capital credit checks to current and former cooperative members towards the end of November.  The amount of each check varies based on how much usage the member had with the cooperative during the year or years being retired. 

Capital credits are just one benefit of cooperative membership.  Because the members are the owners of the cooperative, each member is allocated a portion of the cooperative’s profits each year.  These allocations are paid out as general retirements in future years depending on the financial position of the cooperative.

Our 64th Annual Meeting Recap!

We held our 64th Annual Meeting of Members on Saturday, October 21, 2017.  Over 140 voting members plus numerous guests attended the meeting held in the Student Union Building on the campus of Montana State University-Northern in Havre. The attendees enjoyed a delicious meal catered by MSU-Northern.

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Triangle Communications (Triangle) has hired Rocky Mountain Contractors to complete the fiber optic construction for Phase 1 of this exciting project to bring fiber-fed voice and Internet service to Havre. 

Construction is expected to begin on Monday, June 19th.  See the map for the areas where the aerial fiber cable is being placed.  In the coming months, Triangle will contact businesses to schedule installs.

Triangle would like to thank the Havre community for their patience during the construction process.  For your safety, please watch out for our crews while they are working.  For more information, please contact Bethany Chinadle at 1-800-332-1201.

Member Web Browsing History

Recently new federal legislation was passed that allows Internet Service Providers to sell their customers’ web browsing history. Triangle wants to reassure our members that no matter what the law allows we do not collect and sell member’s web browsing history.

Our members’ privacy is of the utmost importance to our member-owned and governed cooperative. Triangle has never sold member web browsing history and have no plans to do so in the future regardless of what the rules and regulations may allow.

It’s your cooperative and your data, period. Any provider who sells their customers’ web browsing history without their consent is putting profits ahead of the trust of its customers and Triangle believes that flies in the face of common decency, customer privacy, and certainly our cooperative values and principles.

Triangle Communications (Triangle), on behalf of The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS), recently presented the Chouteau County Library Foundation a grant in the amount of $2,500.  The money assisted the Big Sandy Library to complete a new four-station public use computer center in their recently completed library building. Triangle also awarded $1,000 to the project through their Community Vitality Grant program.     

FRS named the winners of their 2016 grants for efforts focused on advancing the quality of life and enabling economic development in rural America. The projects are endorsed by rural broadband companies such as Triangle which is a member of NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association.

In Triangle’s endorsement of the project, CEO, Craig Gates noted, “Rural libraries are a crucial part of the small town way of life and as anchor institutions, are a key link to increased broadband adoption.  The Big Sandy Library provides the only public access to computers and the Internet in the community and we applaud the efforts of the Chouteau County Library Foundation and their vision to expand services within their new library.”

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