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Watch out for online ticket scams

Scammers are taking advantage of the fact that many concerts and sporting events are replacing paper tickets with digital tickets — which are bought online, downloaded into a phone app, and then presented at the arena gate for scanning. Instead of having to print counterfeit tickets and peddle them on a street corner, scammers can now stay home and post ads for tickets on online marketplaces. Enthusiastic fans, desperate to...

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CEO Message - Jan/Feb 2024

Triangle continues to look forward to the future and as this is the first letter in 2024 from Triangle, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you enjoyed a great Christmas holiday. I want to thank my team for a wonderful year and am looking forward to another great year! As the weather turns colder, Triangle continues to push to get fiber to all our members. Construction is complete in the Big Timber North, South Chester,...

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CEO Message - Nov/Dec 2023

SAVE A LIFE: AVOID DISTRACTIONS WHILE DRIVING While driving, we typically hear that “ding” on our phone, alerting us to a text or call coming through, and we sometimes feel the urgent need to check it. We know we shouldn’t, but we reason that we’re going to make an exception––just this once. So, why do we indulge in behavior we know to be wrong, dangerous and in many states, illegal? Call it hubris. According to AAA research, most people...

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69th Annual Meeting Election Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the annual trustee election at your meeting. We are delighted to announce the winners: Rich Swartz in District 1 and Eric Hanson in District 3. Additionally, we wish to express our deep appreciation to Tom Bangs for his remarkable 30 years of dedicated service. In addition to the prizes awarded at our Annual Meeting, we also had some fun other ways to win this year. These included participating...

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Official Notice of the 69th Annual Meeting of Members

The sixty-ninth Annual Meeting of Members of Triangle Telephone Cooperative Association, Inc. of Havre, Montana will be held on Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. in the SUB-Ballroom on the campus of Montana State University-Northern in Havre to take action on the following matters: The election of two trustees of the Cooperative. Passing upon reports of officers, trustees and committees for the previous year. Conducting such...

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