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Call for Board Nominations 2024

An opportunity is available to serve your community as a Trustee for Triangle Telephone Cooperative. Triangle has 2 Districts up for elections this fall. To run for an open position, the member must reside within the District they wish to serve and have an active account in good standing. District 4 – Big Sandy, Loma, Hopp-Iliad, Winifred, Denton, Stanford, Hobson & Moore. District 5 – Chinook, Turner, Whitewater,...

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CEO Message - July/Aug 2024

At the heart of our organization lies a profound dedication to our members, the very individuals who make our mission possible. We are committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment where every member feels valued, empowered, and connected. Our dedication manifests in various ways, from offering exceptional resources and services tailored for our members. Also fostering a community that celebrates achievements and encourages...

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CEO Message - May/June 2024

The rejuvenating essence of spring to Montana is upon us following a very light winter. With optimism, we anticipate the timely arrival of rain to meet the needs of Central Montana. Our construction season commenced early, marking the final stretch of our exchange-wide buildouts. Reflecting on our transition from copper to fiber optics, it's evident that the latter offers vastly superior speeds compared to its predecessor. Beyond speed,...

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CEO Message - March/April 2024

We are now looking at winter behind us and looking toward what spring has in store for us. I am writing this in January so I hope that I am safe to say that we all need more moisture in the mountains and it wouldn’t hurt for some down here with us as well. As we move into construction again for 2024, our Fiber to the Home projects are the Hays/ Lodgepole/Zortman areas, Springdale and Martinsdale areas. Once completed, our exchanges will...

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Watch out for online ticket scams

Scammers are taking advantage of the fact that many concerts and sporting events are replacing paper tickets with digital tickets — which are bought online, downloaded into a phone app, and then presented at the arena gate for scanning. Instead of having to print counterfeit tickets and peddle them on a street corner, scammers can now stay home and post ads for tickets on online marketplaces. Enthusiastic fans, desperate to...

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