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Important Information regarding your capital credits

Triangle is a cooperative. For cooperatives, our members are also our owners. Your ownership in the Cooperative is represented by capital credits. Members receive capital credit allocations based on their use (also known as patronage) of Triangle’s services each year. The Triangle Board has again decided to offer a capital credit discount offer where the Cooperative will pay each present and former member, at your choice, the present...

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2022 Annual Meeting Board Nominee Letters

DOUG LOWRY, DISTRICT #1 It has been a privilege to serve as a trustee for Triangle Communications.  I was raised and live in Triangle’s southern exchange of Big Timber. I ask that the membership again allow me the opportunity to represent them on the board.  I have been married to my wife, Jane Stebbins for 49 years in which we raised three boys: Jason, Jonathan and Jeffrey.  I have been active in our community serving...

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CEO Message - Sept/Oct 2022

I hope that you have been able to enjoy the hot summer this year and that you are staying safe! The flooding of the Yellowstone and Boulder Rivers in the southern part of our state were devastating to say the least. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our members, employees and everyone affected by the flooding. Triangle crews and contractors are working on the 2022 Fiber-to-the-Home upgrades in Moore, the Whispering Pines area, and...

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2022 Annual Meeting Nominating Committee

The board has selected the following members to serve as the 2022 Annual Meeting Nominating Committee: Cheryl Darlington  Ronald Riter  Dale Teachout  Patricia Quisno  Tammy Bergman  Gerald Pierce  Rodney Keith  David Hixson  John Zinne 

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CEO Message - July/Aug 22

The 2022 Fiber to the Home projects are underway! Our crews and contractors are in the field working to bring fiber to South Malta (658), the remaining portion of Moore (374) and two areas in Big Timber (932). We would like to thank our members in these areas for their patience during these upgrades. We will also begin the Hays (673) exchange in 2023 and plan to finish there in 2024. The South Chester (456) exchange plus a portion of...

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