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CEO Message - May/June 2024

The rejuvenating essence of spring to Montana is upon us following a very light winter. With optimism, we anticipate the timely arrival of rain to meet the needs of Central Montana. Our construction season commenced early, marking the final stretch of our exchange-wide buildouts.

Reflecting on our transition from copper to fiber optics, it's evident that the latter offers vastly superior speeds compared to its predecessor. Beyond speed, fiber optics demonstrate a notably lower incidence of network troubles. While not immune to issues, fiber optics boast a higher success rate in maintaining network stability compared to copper

Looking ahead, Triangle Communications envisions a promising future, brimming with opportunities for residents within its service area. As we wrap up the last phase of our exchange areas this year, the Board of Trustees remains committed to enhancing the member experience. Anticipating future challenges, we recognize that most troubles will likely originate within households. With Triangle's provision of VOIP services, there's little necessity for members to procure their own routers, as Triangle provides it as a part of the service. Utilizing Triangle's router technology enables efficient troubleshooting, extending our network infrastructure reach to individual devices within homes. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness for both the cooperative and you, our members.

In closing, be safe and stay healthy.

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