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CEO Message - Sept/Oct 2023

This year, Triangle Communications will be hosting only one meeting for our 69th Annual Meeting of Members. The meeting will take place in Havre on Saturday, October 7th at the Student Union Building on the campus of MSU-Northern. Registration begins at 8:30 AM, the meeting follows at 10:00 AM and lunch is served after the meeting is complete.

This year we have two Districts up for election: District 1 and District 3. Watch your mail for the Annual Meeting Notice, as well as the mailin ballot which will be sent out to members.

I would like to thank Tom Bangs for his 30 years of service to the members of Triangle Communications. Tom has made the decision to retire as the Trustee for District 3. We wish him all the best.

Our 2023 Fiber to the Home projects are moving forward. Construction has finished on two of the six Fiber to the Home projects and the contractor has started splicing cable in Big Timber town and Whispering Pines. Members in the town of Big Timber and Whispering Pines area should be getting cutover to fiber soon, if they have not already. The South Chester exchange has been plowed completely and the contractor has moved to Geraldine where they have brought drops to members in town and rural plowing should be completed soon.

Why fiber? It is estimated that by 2025 US households will have an average of 20 connected devices. That fact makes it even more important for us to bring the best possible Internet experience to our members. Bringing fiber to all our service areas will allow our members to have faster and better service than ever before. If you are connected to our fiber or have just recently been connected to the fiber, you may want to call and talk to our Customer Service team to find a package that works for you.

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