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While some details regarding the process of vaccination against COVID-19 are still being worked out, scammers are taking advantage of the evolving situation to try and steal personal or financial information. Here's what the Federal Communications Commission wants you to know: You don't have to pay to put your name on a list to get the vaccine. That's a scam. You can't pay to "jump the line" and get early access to the vaccine. That's...

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Question: What Can Distrupt My Wi-fi Signals? Answer: Wi-Fi interference most commonly comes from three types of sources: 1. Walls and floors blocking wireless signals The construction materials in your home can greatly affect wireless communication speed and range. Materials such as wood and glass don't have much of an effect. However, denser materials such as concrete, brick, and metal can make it difficult to connect. These denser...

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CEO Message - Jan/Feb 2021

Happy New Year! I hope this finds you safe and healthy as we enter 2021. As I am writing this, the Triangle Communications (Triangle) office remains closed. Our employees are still working for you and we continue to put safety first. Most of our office employees have transitioned to working from home. With our lobby being closed, we have had questions on how members can make their payments. There are several ways other than in person....

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Beware of Phishing attempts via text

You're probably familiar with phishing emails, where a scammer claims to be from your bank or a government agency and tries to trick you into giving them personal information. Well, the same type of fraudulent activity is also happening via text message. You might see a text on your phone asking you to click a link and visit a website to "unlock" or "verify" your account. Don't do it! The scammers could be after your password, account...

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What speed do you need?

Let’s face it, when it comes to internet, more is more. With Montana-sized Internet from Triangle Communications, you can do more, connect more, and experience more, faster. To select the best internet speed for your household, it is important to consider these factors: The more devices you have, the more speed you need. How many devices do you have in your home, including computers, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, Blu-ray disc players,...

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