Stay Alert! Warning to Paypal Users

A new phishing scam is targeting PayPal users. Remember that "phishing" is what scammers do when they're "fishing" for personal information that could enable them to steal your identity. This particular phishing expedition starts with an email that looks surprisingly genuine. It includes the PayPal logo and comes from the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It informs you that PayPal is unable to verify a

transaction, and includes a reference number and link to a phony site which asks for information that could be used against you such as your name, birthdate, address, mother's maiden name, and credit card number.

The request for all this information is a red flag, as is the fact that the phony website includes no help or settings icons and doesn't require you to log in. Despite the authors' best efforts to make it look

legitimate, the email itself may contain grammar errors or other elements that seem "off."

You can avoid becoming a victim by remembering these rules:

~ Never click a link from an email if you're at all uncertain about its origin or intention.

~ Instead of clicking an emailed link, visit the site in question using your own bookmark or by typing in the URL you already know. If you're receiving a legitimate email, the information will also be listed in your real account. If it's not, contact customer service to verify that the emailed request is valid.

~ If you do think an emailed link is legitimate and decide to click, check the URL where you land to make sure it's the real deal.

~ Never provide private information requested from a site you arrived at by clicking an emailed link.

~ Check your credit reports regularly to catch fraudulent activity.

When scammers want to go phishing, don't take the bait!

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Triangle Supports Food Banks and Volunteer Fire Departments

As a cooperative, we are committed to the communities and members we serve. Recently, our Board approved a donation for 13 local food banks and 51 local volunteer fire departments. We appreciate the services these organizations provide to our members and the communities they serve.

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Shawmut Receives Community Vitality Grant from Triangle Communications

Shawmut CVG

Community members recently gathered to celebrate a $1000 Community Vitality Grant award by Triangle Communications to assist with improvements to the local historic school gymnasium. 

A new nonprofit entity known as the Shawmut Community Center, Inc. officially took ownership of the gym on July 1, 2017.  With an organizational purpose to promote and encourage the general welfare of the community of Shawmut, they hope to aid and encourage community service, spirit and social exchange among the residents of the community, and to preserve and maintain the gymnasium building and facilities for the use and benefit of the residents of the community.  To date the Shawmut Community Center has hosted community card parties, wedding receptions and family reunions.

Stay Alert! Watch out for new ransomware threat.

According to internet expert Kim Komando, "Ransomware is the number one digital threat in the world," costing victims nearly $1 billion in 2016 alone. Cyber criminals use ransomware to encrypt your files so you can't access them, and then demand a payment in exchange for decryption. This virtual menace is tenacious because just when one ransomware version is eradicated, a new one shows up.
The latest ransomware threat is called Scarab, and it's being distributed through the Necurs botnet using phishing emails. If that last sentence is gibberish to you, just know this: bad things can happen when you open the wrong email attachment.

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Capital Credit Checks on the way

The Triangle Telephone Cooperative, doing business as Triangle Communications (Triangle), Board of Trustees approved a general retirement of capital credits of approximately $986,846.56.  This sum represents 50% of the capital credits earned by members in 1991 and 0.5% (1/2 of 1%) of those earned from 1992 to 2016. 

Triangle is mailing out capital credit checks to current and former cooperative members towards the end of November.  The amount of each check varies based on how much usage the member had with the cooperative during the year or years being retired. 

Capital credits are just one benefit of cooperative membership.  Because the members are the owners of the cooperative, each member is allocated a portion of the cooperative’s profits each year.  These allocations are paid out as general retirements in future years depending on the financial position of the cooperative.

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