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CEO Message - July/Aug 2023

Summer is here and the weather is getting warmer and here at Triangle Communications we have already started our Fiber to the Home projects for 2023. The exchanges upgrading to fiber this year are South Chester, Geraldine and additional projects around Big Timber. Triangle has hired contractors to plow the fiber and work on other aspects of these construction projects. The contractors working for Triangle are required to have their company name and/or Triangle magnets on their vehicles. All the contractors are required to have ID badges with their photo, name, and name of the contractor they work for.

Triangle did pre-installs in the exchanges being upgraded to fiber. Once the techs install the fiber and connect it to the pre-installed equipment, your fiber service should be up and running. The pre-installs will make the connection of the fiber plowed into the locations easier and faster. Craig Gates General Manager/CEO The number of devices in any given home continues to grow and the need for increased internet speeds will continue to rise. We understand access to fast internet is important for all our members whether you are working from home, doing online schooling, gaming or just keeping up with the family and your community. Fiber technology allows us to provide faster speeds to support all your internet needs.

Triangle is already preparing for our 2024 projects in Hays/ Lodgepole, Springdale and Martinsdale. Our Engineering team will be contacting members to obtain right-of-way easements for the fiber placement in these areas soon. You will also see our engineering crews staking the routes soon for the fiber being plowed next year.

Thank you to our members for your patience and understanding as we continue our fiber upgrades. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

fiber map for website 2023

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