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69th Annual Meeting Election Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the annual trustee election at your meeting. We are delighted to announce the winners: Rich Swartz in District 1 and Eric Hanson in District 3. Additionally, we wish to express our deep appreciation to Tom Bangs for his remarkable 30 years of dedicated service.

In addition to the prizes awarded at our Annual Meeting, we also had some fun other ways to win this year. These included participating through mail-in ballots and joining us for the Bits & Bytes events. Below are the winners:

Mail-in Ballots
$500 Bill Credit- Loretta Beck

Bits & Bytes
$500 – Crazy M Ranch
¼ Cow – Bill & Lorna Theriault 
½ Pig – Charles & Anna Parker 

Annual Meeting
$500 Bill Credit – Lois Butcher

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