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Checking Indoor ONT Power Supply

If you are having phone or Internet troubles is the Indoor Power Supply. This will be located in the vicinity of the Indoor ONT, follow the black power cable if needed.

  • Check the lights on the front side of the power supply.  In normal operation, the System Status light should be green.
  • If there is a loss of power, the power supply cord is unplugged or there is trouble with the power supply, the DC light will be green.
  • The Power Supply has an internal battery to power the ONT in case of power interruptions.  If there is a problem with the battery, the BATTERY light will turn red.
  • To conserve battery back-up power during a power interruption, phone calls should be limited to ensure emergency calls can be made.

Please contact Triangle Communications at 1-800-332-1201 regarding replacement and disposal of the battery.

**Charges apply if you have removed the NID or the ONT housing for remodeling, re-siding, or any other purpose.

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