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Understanding the lights on your Cyber Power battery backup

If you are in a fiber location, you will have a cyber power box inside your house.  If your phone/internet are out, this is one of the first thigs that should be checked.  It is a white colored box, us...

General Phone Troubleshooting Tips

Customer Equipment Information Customer Owned EquipmentAny repair or maintenance of customer owned equipment is the responsibility of the owner through the manufacturer or an authorized agent.  If a custome...

Testing From a Network Interface Device (NID)

Remove the modular plug from the test jack. Plug in a working single line corded phone. Lift the receiver. If you have dial tone at the NID, the trouble is with either a phone set, accessory, jack or inside w...

Testing Dial Tone at the ONT in a Fiber to the Home Exchange

Outdoor ONT You have a Network Interface Device (NID) and an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) housing on the outside of your home.  In the event of no dial tone inside the location, check for dial tone at the...

Checking Indoor ONT Power Supply

If you are having phone or Internet troubles is the Indoor Power Supply. This will be located in the vicinity of the Indoor ONT, follow the black power cable if needed. Check the lights on the front side of th...

How to Protect Yourself from Spoofing

Have you recently picked up a phone call from what appeared like a local number or local business?  Unfortunately, this is happening more often.  Triangle Communications would like to provide some educa...

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