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Secure your home network

Keeping the wireless network in your home secure is also important. Consider these tips from OnguardOnline.gov, a website maintained by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to keep your home network secure.

Keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware software up-to-date and use a firewall.   Turn off your wireless network if you know you won’t be using it for a period of time. Use encryption. Most wireless routers come with an encryption feature which you may have to turn on. The two main types of encryption available are Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). WPA, especially WPA2 , is stronger than WEP. The computer, router and other equipment connected to your network must use the same encryption. Triangle Communications adds encryption by default to your router. Please contact technical support at 1-877-730-8215 if you would like to change your wireless security code.  

This last tip is extremely important. If you do not use your wireless router’s encryption feature, you will most likely end up sharing your Broadband service with other computers and devices in the area. Not only will this frustrate you since your connection will be slowed, but you could be held responsible if illegal activities including music or video copyright infringement or objectionable content transmission are undertaken with your connection. These illegal activities can result in termination of your Internet service and in some cases, significant fines and legal consequences.   Instructions on changing your security code (or key) vary depending on your wireless router brand and model. If you purchased your router from Triangle Communications, our 24x7 free technical support personnel will assist you in changing your security code.

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