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Triangle $1,000 Scholarships

Triangle Communications is proud to support our area youth by providing up to 37 high school and 3 college scholarship opportunities. 
To be eligible, applicant must be a subscriber or a dependent of a subscriber who receives landline telephone, broadband or mobile telephone service from us. Eligible applicants must be pursuing their first degree or certificate and must not have been a recipient of a Triangle scholarship in the past.

Deadline is April 1st. 

Graduating High School Application     CONTINUING UNDERGRAD APPLICATION

Scholarship winner award request

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Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship

The Foundation for Rural Services Scholarship application is a 2 part process and both parts must be postmarked before March 1st  and mailed directly to FRS.  The scholarship requires the student to include an Endorsement from Triangle Communications and the completed application.  The Endorsement request from Triangle Communications must be requested by February 15th to allow time for the request to be processed and mailed back to the student to be included with actual application. 

Application Deadline is March 1st. Endorsement Application is Feb 15th.

Step 1: Complete the Endorsement Application Below
Step 2: Once received, enclose the Endorsement with your FRS APPLICATION

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