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Directory Recycling Program

Triangle Communications is pleased to continue offering our telephone directory recycling program benefiting schools and communities in our service area. The program has graduated into an excellent fund-raising and educational opportunity for many of our schools and communities. As we continue to improve the process and make it more efficient and as beneficial as possible, we are grateful for all the support and effort that your students, staff and communities continue to put forth!


Each year, Triangle provides new telephone directories throughout our service areas (central in the fall, southern in the winter and northern in the spring). We encourage your school district to set up collection bins in your schools and/or elsewhere in the community. For every telephone book you collect that is at least older than the current year, we'll pay $0.50. All your school needs to do is provide the collection point for the community, gather the old directories and deliver them to a local recycling center that accepts them. Most communities are within convenient distance to a Pacific Recycling (Havre, Great Falls, or Billings). Please use the Directory Recycling Payment Request form below. We use the honor system, so all that is needed is a signature that the school dropped off directories for recycling. We hope you agree that this program is a huge benefit to Montana's schools, as well as our environment.  

Please remember, we cannot pay for the current year's directories, as we want residents to use that book until next year's directory is delivered. Note:  we accept directories from other companies too! If you have any questions about the Directory Recycling Program, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-800-332-1201 ext. 862. 

School payment request form

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