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CEO Message - March/April 2022

Hello Montanans! I hope that spring is coming with light but persistent precipitation. In the last two years, we have received a lot of questions about capital credits and the retirement of those credits by the Board of Trustees. As a non-profit communications cooperative, our business model is a little different than other businesses. Our members earn capital credits, or patronage, based on services they purchase from Triangle. Those capital credits are then applied to member accounts. Annually, the Trustees decide based on the financial needs of the cooperative to retire or pay out those accumulated capital credits.

To explain capital credits more clearly, we have created a video located on our website. When you have terms like "Positive Net Income" and the "Universal Service Fund" and how that relates to how capital credits are created and retired, we know that there will be questions. We hope to have put answers into an easy-to-understand format.

Enjoy the video and please contact us if you still have questions. Again, I hope spring is quickly upon us as we move further in to 2022 and that COVID is behind us.

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