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CEO Message - Jan/Feb 2022

2021 was a busy year for Triangle. I would like to first thank our Board, management team and employees for their hard work and dedication to serving our members. Our employees step up when needed and they are what makes Triangle great.

Triangle held two Annual Meetings of Members in 2021. The two meetings took more coordination and planning, but it was worth it. Members were able to attend the meeting in Havre on October 9th, the meeting was recessed after going through the agenda and it was reconvened, and we went through the agenda again in Big Timber on October 16th. We were able to obtain a quorum in Big Timber, and I truly hope that next year we double the size of membership at our annual meeting. I would be remiss if I did not thank all the members who were able to attend one of the two meetings, thank you! A complete wrap up of the meetings is on the next page.

Our 2021 Fiber to the Home projects in Molt, South Malta (North), Denton, a portion of the Big Timber exchange and the rural Stanford area have been completed. We are now focusing on the 2022 fiber exchange upgrades in the remaining areas of Moore, South Malta and two areas in Big Timber including the town of Big Timber. Our Right-of-Way agents and engineers are also reviewing our 2023 fiber upgrade areas and working on easements. The cooperative is having supply chain issues just the like the rest of us and we are doing everything we can to ensure that our 2023 builds are able to continue as planned.

Todd Solomon, Triangle and HCE’s Safety, Loss Control and Compliance Specialist, announced his retirement last month. Todd had a career as a Havre firefighter and EMT before joining Triangle and HCE. His dedication to educating our employees on how to work safely and also being able to present tips for home safety as well was a benefit to everyone at Triangle and HCE. Enjoy your retirement, Todd, well deserved!

Triangle also lost one of our own in 2021. Our condolences go out to the family of Wes “Hondo” Herren. Hondo started as a Triangle Serviceman in White Sulphur Springs in 2004 and later moved to Big Timber to serve as the area Serviceman there until his passing. He is missed.

Craig Gates, CEO

Triangle Communications

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