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While some details regarding the process of vaccination against COVID-19 are still being worked out, scammers are taking advantage of the evolving situation to try and steal personal or financial information. Here's what the Federal Communications Commission wants you to know:

You don't have to pay to put your name on a list to get the vaccine. That's a scam.

You can't pay to "jump the line" and get early access to the vaccine. That's a scam.

Nobody from a legitimate vaccination distribution site will contact you -- by phone, text message, social media platform, or home visit -- about the vaccine and ask for your Social Security, bank account, or credit card number. That's a scam.

Remember, there are a limited number of federally approved vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. Be skeptical of anyone offering a miracle cure, treatment, or medication that claims to prevent the virus and is not one of the federally approved vaccines. Do not buy any kind of coronavirus vaccine or treatment on the internet or from an online pharmacy.

There will be strict protocols for the order in which certain groups of people, such as nursing home residents and health care workers, will be inoculated. For reliable information about vaccine distribution in your area, visit the website of your state or local health department. You may also contact your health care provider.

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