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CEO Message - July/Aug

Before the Internet, viruses were only something you would vaccinate against.  Homeowners didn’t have to worry or know anything about their home network.  Remember when wireless technology was reserved for your cordless phone at home?  Smartphones & wireless routers for Internet was the technology of the future.

Around 80% of our members have Internet and Triangle Communications is being asked to help protect members from the dangers of the Internet as well as expand their home’s network and wireless internet footprint.  Members are looking for advice and solutions on how to connect their ever-growing wireless devices and protection of digital information from being stolen, lost, or held ransom.

Triangle Communications has some new and exciting products and services for members to meet these needs now and into the future.

Advanced Wi-Fi – Triangle will install and maintain your home Wi-Fi network to maximize the performance of the connected devices, as well as set up new security measures on the router.  Triangle will help connect devices, optimize the location of the router and if there are any issues, Triangle will work to resolve the Wi-Fi troubles for no additional charge*.

Advanced Wi-Fi is $10 per month.  Home Wiring** protection is also included with Advanced Wi-Fi (normally $1.95).  However, if you already have Home Wiring Protection, you can add Advanced Wi-Fi for around $8 a month.  A leased router from Triangle is required for Advanced Wi-Fi ($4.99).  If the router goes bad, it will be replaced at no cost to the member.

Triangle ensures the wireless network reaches the areas needed and can install and provide additional access points to extend the coverage.  ($5 for each additional access point) 

For the low monthly fee, members obtain peace of mind while Triangle takes care of everything.  What a deal!  Sign up now and receive two free months!

Enterprise Wi-Fi – Triangle offers a variety of solutions to help our members extend their home internet service to a shop, barn, or outbuilding in the same yard.  Solutions start at $25 a month.  Call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a free custom quote!

Computer Solutions - Triangle is offering a brand-new service in 2019.  Members will be able to drop their computers off at Triangle for services like removing malware/spyware, performance improvements, replacing components, configuring backups (making sure important documents are backed up), reinstalling Windows, transferring files between computers, and replacing hardware failures.  Remote computer work will be offered in the future for our members as well.  Give our office a call to inquire on the rates and specific services available or visit www.itstriangle.com/repair.

*Damage to hardware caused by members is not covered by Advanced Wi-Fi.
** Home Wiring may be included if you already have a bundle; if so, your account will not show a savings of $1.95.

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