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Privacy Statement

We Respect Your Privacy 
Triangle Communications (Triangle) respects your right to privacy and is committed to the protection of your personal information. We understand your concerns about guarding all personal information with which we are entrusted. We are committed to ensuring that all information collected by us is treated with the appropriate degree of privacy and confidentiality. We have a long history of maintaining the privacy of information we obtain in the normal course of providing our services. 

This Privacy Statement is our assurance to you that we have taken steps, and will continue to take steps, to safeguard that information. The following information is intended to provide you with a detailed explanation of how and when we collect your personal information, why it is necessary for us to have this information, how it is distributed within our companies, and when we may disclose it to non-affiliated third parties. 

All personal information is treated confidentially, with only those essential employees, agents, or third-party service providers having access. Their right to further disclose and use that information is limited by our employee conduct rules, applicable law, and non-disclosure agreements where appropriate. We maintain safeguards that comply with applicable laws and regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information. 

Triangle does not sell, rent, loan, exchange or otherwise release your personal information, mailing lists or telephone lists for marketing purposes. Neither do we disclose any information about you to non-affiliated organizations for marketing purposes, without your written consent. 

The Necessity of Collecting Information 
The information we obtain from you is generally necessary for us to adequately serve your telecommunications needs and design new services for your future use. For example, we need to know your name, address and the services you buy from us to properly provide and bill for those services. When you call us, our customer service representatives pull up account records and may refer to your bill, your calling patterns, and other information we have to answer questions you may have or recommend services to fit your specific needs. 

Information That May Be Collected 
Some of the information collected is nonpublic personal information including financial information. Information is collected from the following sources: 

** Applications: Information you provide on applications and interviews with customer service representatives. It will include, but not be limited to, your name, address, social security number or EIN, and place of employment. 
** Service and Support: Information gathered during the period you received service from our companies, including records maintained about your service and payment history. 
** Consumer Report Agencies: Information gathered for credit purposes such as credit reports, previous carriers and related data. 

Categories of Information We Share 
Triangle limits the sharing of information with others when at all possible. However, there are circumstances in which information must be shared in order to provide you with the products and services you expect. 

Triangle shares information among its subsidiaries to enable us to better understand our customers' product and service needs, and to learn how to best design, develop, and package products and services to meet those needs. Currently, our primary lines of business include local and long distance services, cellular services, and Internet access for businesses and consumers. You may request that your information not be shared with affiliates for the marketing of new products and services. To exercise your rights to limit the sharing of such information, please provide a written request, which must include your telephone number, to the address listed on the last page of this statement. 

As a general rule, Triangle does not release customer account information to unaffiliated third parties without your permission unless we have a business relationship with those companies where the disclosure is appropriate. For example, we may hire outside companies as contractors or agents; or we might be engaged in a joint venture or partnership with a company. These relationships allow us to provide a broader selection of telecommunications products to you. 

In all of these situations, we provide information to these other companies only as needed to accomplish our business objectives and the companies are bound by requirements to keep Triangle customers' information confidential. We require any company with whom information is shared to adhere to our privacy standards and to use the information only for the limited purpose for which it was shared. 

There are exceptions to the general rule. We might provide information to regulatory or administrative agencies so that they can accomplish their regulatory tasks (for example, responding to a customer complaint) or to maximize the efficiencies of our own processes (such as getting mailing addresses correct, for example). We may also use information in our records to protect our customers, employees or property, for instance, to investigate fraud, harassment or other types of unlawful activities. In some cases, it may be necessary to provide this information to the government or third parties who make a lawful demand for it by subpoena, court order or other similar demand associated with either criminal or civil proceedings. 

We may provide account information to collection agencies when customers do not pay their bills. We restrict the use that can be made of this information to collection activities only. 

Other carriers use Triangle to bill their charges. In this case, they may provide us with information about you, including your calling patterns. In turn, we may provide them with non-sensitive information about your service, such as the date your service was established or disconnected and if you pay your bills on time. 

In addition to the above types of disclosures, Triangle is required, by law, to make disclosures of customer telephone number, name and address information in certain circumstances, including those described below. 

• We are required to provide listed customer names, addresses and telephone numbers to directory publishers - our own and others. Triangle and other directory publishers may publish this information in alphabetical or reverse directories that take the form of paper directories, electronic directories over the Internet, or on digital media, such as CDs. We also provide customer name and addresses for all customers (including non-listed and non-published customers) to directory publishers to allow for directory deliveries, but only for that purpose. 

• We are required to provide customer names, addresses and telephone numbers to directory assistance and operator services providers. This information includes non-listed information, as well as the name and address of non-published customers. By contract, Triangle requests these companies honor the privacy indicators that may be included in their purchased lists and such indicators are included for non-listed and non-published numbers. 

• In some cases, when you dial 911, your name, address and telephone number information is provided to the emergency service provider. And, by law, we are required to provide this information, including non-listed and non-published information, to emergency service providers and emergency support services providers upon request in a more comprehensive format. 

• If you place a long distance call using a provider other than the one you use on your home phone -- for example, if you place a calling card or third number billed call from a pay phone – Triangle is required by law to provide billing name and address information to the service provider. This includes names and addresses associated with non-published and non-listed information where the individual has not objected in writing. This information cannot be used for marketing purposes. 

Former Customers 
If you decide to terminate your customer relationship with Triangle we will continue to adhere to the privacy policies and practices described in this Privacy Statement. 

Your Files 
We strive to keep our records of your information completely accurate. If you see any error in our communications to you, please notify us immediately, and we will promptly address any inaccuracy that may have occurred. 

Questions and Disputes 
Questions about this Privacy Statement, and inquiries or disputes about access, corrections or other matters may be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or:

Triangle Communications
Customer Service Manager
PO Box 1140
Havre  MT 59501-1140

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