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CEO Message - Sept/Oct 2022

I hope that you have been able to enjoy the hot summer this year and that you are staying safe!

The flooding of the Yellowstone and Boulder Rivers in the southern part of our state were devastating to say the least. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our members, employees and everyone affected by the flooding.

Triangle crews and contractors are working on the 2022 Fiber-to-the-Home upgrades in Moore, the Whispering Pines area, and a portion of Big Timber plus the South Malta (658) exchange. Cut overs to fiber started in Moore are getting close to being completed. Flooding delayed the Big Timber projects a bit, but we are hoping the weather will give us a break to complete our work. Weather has delayed plowing on the South Malta (658) project. We will keep you updated in the magazine and on our website about our progress.

The average number of devices per home is currently twelve (12). Fiber optic cable gives you access to the latest technology to support your connected home. Which is exactly why we are delivering fiber to you now for the future.

Triangle is hosting two Annual Meetings again this year. The first is in Havre on Saturday, October 8th and the second is in Big Timber on October 15th. Watch your mail for the Annual Meeting Notice which will include the times and specific locations of the meetings and much more information about Triangle.

Please confer with our bylaws located online in the top right-hand side of our webpage located at https://itstriangle.com and look at Section 5.02, page 13, that details the districts by exchange. This year Districts #1, #2, and #6 are up for election.

The board members seeking re-election this year include Doug Lowry, District #1, Liz Werk, District #2 and Dave Schwarzbach, District #6. If you qualify, (to find out if you qualify look in the bylaws Section 5.05, pages 15, 16 and 17) and wish to run for a board seat, you can file a petition that requires only 15 valid member signatures and return it on or before September 7th at the main office in Havre to be on the ballot for this year’s board election.

We look forward to seeing everyone at your Annual Meeting. This is YOUR cooperative and participating has never been easier. Please participate in-person and/or vote by mail. See you there!

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