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CEO Message - July/Aug 22

The 2022 Fiber to the Home projects are underway! Our crews and contractors are in the field working to bring fiber to South Malta (658), the remaining portion of Moore (374) and two areas in Big Timber (932). We would like to thank our members in these areas for their patience during these upgrades.

We will also begin the Hays (673) exchange in 2023 and plan to finish there in 2024. The South Chester (456) exchange plus a portion of Big Timber (932) and the remainder of the Geraldine (737) exchange will also be constructed in 2023. Contractors have not been determined for some of these projects, but we will keep you informed as we get closer to working in these areas.

Triangle understands the importance of fiber to bring highspeed Internet to all our exchanges which is what makes these upgrades so important. In 2007, Triangle began planning for fiber across our service area. We looked to upgrade areas with copper cable that was in bad shape and could not support higher Internet speeds first. Fifteen years later we are getting closer to completing our fiber network.

I’d like to take a step back and go through what it takes to complete these projects:

  • Design - We can’t just put our network anywhere. Every mile of this fiber-fed network has to be planned. The data collected, including existing utility poles, water, gas and electricity lines, is used to create a map for the fiber build.
  • Construction - With our plan in place, Triangle can begin the hard work of constructing miles of a fiber optic network. Triangle’s right-of-way team, engineers and contractors will be in area throughout the project.
  • Sign Up - Existing Triangle members in our upgrade areas will have fiber brought to them. Locations in the upgrade exchange without active service will need to call Triangle’s office to initiate service.
  • Installation - The finish line! We complete the process by installing the electronics and equipment in your home or business

VECI started the fiber upgrade in Moore along with their sub-contractors. JKL, Associates and their subcontractors will be doing the upgrades in South Malta, Whispering Pines, and a portion of Big Timber town. All of Triangle’s contractors and their sub-contractors should have ID badges. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these projects, please contact our Outside Plant Manager in the Havre office.

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