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CEO Message - July/Aug 21

It is very important to all of us at Triangle to provide fiber-fed services throughout the communities we serve. A fiber infrastructure provides our members with technology that has a long life and can meet future technology needs. As our Internet connections have gone from dial-up to blazing fast speeds, one thing we know is fiber fed services will be used to meet future needs.

Summer is here and our Fiber to the Home construction projects are moving ahead in Molt, South Malta (area north of Malta), Denton, Stanford and a portion of Big Timber. VECI will be working on the fiber projects in Denton and Stanford. JKL will be our contractor in Molt and South Malta (North). Both contractors will have sub-contractors working for them helping with boring lines under roads and splicing the fiber. We apologize for any inconvenience during the fiber upgrade and thank you for your patience.

Triangle is offering some great new bundle options in our fiber areas which include our Advanced Wi-Fi service, the first 200GB of data for free, a digital voice landline, free basic features and 1,000 minutes of long distance starting as low as $99. Visit our website at www.itstriangle.com or call and speak to our friendly staff. We will work to find the best plan to fit your needs.

Speaking of the future, congratulations to all the Triangle scholarship winners. Each year, our Triangle Board members have the tough job of selecting the scholarship winners. As in the past, we are so impressed with all the scholarship applicants and know they all have a bright future ahead of them.

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