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Phishing Emails - Avoid the Bait!

Phishing graphic

Phishing  can be emails, texts, or calls you receive that seem to be from a company or people you know.  But they are scammers.  They may send you a link to click on asking for personal information like a password, social security number or date of birth or they may even try to gain access to your computer. 

Here is how phishing works:

You get an email or text 

  • They pretend to be someone you know and ask you to click on a link, give you a password, bank account number or other personal information.

You think it is real

  • Scammers can spoof logos and use fake email addresses.  They use familiar company names or pretend to be someone you know.

They pressure you

  • The messages urge you to act now or something bad will happen.

Clicking on a link from a scammer can allow them to install programs that lock you out of your computer and compromise your personal information.

How to avoid the bait:

Check it out before you click

  • Call the company or person directly who you think is contacting you.  If you have a contact at the company, use the number or email you know is correct.
  • If you do not know them, look up the website for the company name they gave you and see if the person who contacted you really works there.
  • NEVER open an email attachment if you do not know who it came from or why you received it

Scam tip-offs

  • You do not do business with the company that contacted you.
  • Your name is missing, words are spelled wrong it contains bad grammar.

Be careful- some phishing schemes look very real, check it out and protect yourself.



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