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What Internet speed do I need & does my router have an affect?

Does your Netflix buffer at times? Does your Facetime say poor connection? Does your Internet speed vary based on the number of people home or how many people are trying to use the Internet?

These are all signs that you need to upgrade your Internet speed or your router. Your Internet speed is broken into 2 parts. Download speed and upload speed. The amount of speed you need depends on how you are using the Internet and how many devices are connected to the Internet. Streaming of video typically uses download speed and video calls or online back up’s use upload speed. Upload speeds are critical for people who work from home. The question becomes how much speed do you need at your house.


  • For those of you on fiber, most families can have all their devices connected and not run into speed issues at 50M. This speed allows you to surf the web and stream video using multiple devices.
  • Netflix suggests 5Mbps to stream HD content and 25Mbps for 4K Ultra HD per device streaming the content at the same time. If you have 3 kids watching Netflix at the same time, you need 15M just for their 3 devices, plus additional speed for the other users in the house to be able to get online.
  • For online gaming, the bandwidth requirements vary by game, but a minimum is 4.5 to 6Mbps per person for gaming is suggested.

The number of devices simultaneously connected to the router and the distance they are from the router will also affect your Internet speed. You may have plenty of speed, but if your router cannot keep up or doesn’t provide good Wi-Fi coverage, you will have connectivity issues.

Triangle’s Advanced Wi-Fi offering, provides members with a high-end router that can handle multiple devices as well as improve Wi-Fi coverage. Triangle’s technicians will complete a wireless site survey to make sure you have proper coverage throughout your home.

Contact Triangle today to increase your speed or inquire about Advanced Wi-Fi and our current promotions.

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