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Watch out for this Amazon Email Scam

Given how many people order from Amazon, it's no surprise that scammers are using the company as a disguise to get into your inbox. These emails pose as messages from Amazon about orders you may have placed or canceled, but are actually bait to lure you into giving away personal information or allowing malware to be installed on your computer.

Here's how it works: You receive an email that looks like it's from Amazon. It mentions a phony order you've placed or canceled, and requests that you click on a link to verify payment or other types of information.

If you receive such a message, don't click!

These emails include numerous elements to make them look like they're really from Amazon including the Amazon logo, a shipping confirmation number, itemized invoice, and estimated delivery date. However, you can learn to spot these fakes since they will also often include:


  • Grammatical or spelling errors
  • Illegitimate "from" email address
  • Request for personal information
  • Request for credit card number
  • Request for Amazon login or password

Examine all emails you receive carefully, to ensure they don't contain these telltale signs, before clicking on any links.

If you've already clicked a link from a fake email:

1. Don't beat yourself up; these messages are convincing and even savvy internet users can be fooled.

2. Immediately go to your Amazon account from a bookmark (not a link!) and change your password.

3. Contact your credit card company to let them know to watch for fraudulent purchases; also, if needed, update your card information in your Amazon account.

4. Run anti-virus software on your system to eliminate any malware that may have been transmitted by the scammers.

You can also report the suspicious email to Amazon.


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