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Spoofed Facebook Accounts It seems scammers have an endless supply of ways to trick you on Facebook. The latest hoax is being performed with the intention of disrupting your device. Here's how they do it:

1. They post something that a lot of people are likely to like and share, and encourage you to do so.

2. After a certain number of likes and shares are accumulated, they change the post so it contains malicious content.

3. At this point, if you like it, everything from that poster starts showing up in your feed.

This process is called like-farming, and clicking the wrong like button or link can cause serious damage to your device.

The latest message going around is something like this: "Facebook's algorithm is now choosing only 25 people to be viewable in your feed. I want you to keep seeing my posts, so please like or share this and let everyone know!" See how it gives you something to be afraid of and rallies viewers against Facebook to generate likes? Other types of messages can include an offer to win a prize if you like or share.

Don't fall for Facebook hoaxes. Remember these tips to help stay safe:

  • Be very judicious about what you like and share on Facebook. Don't automatically like everything.
  • Notice where the post is coming from. If you don't recognize the person, don't interact.
  • If the post promises you anything for liking or sharing, or even if you just feel pressured to do so, you can bet it's probably a scam.

If you do see fake posts, you can report them to Facebook by clicking the down-arrow in the top right corner of a post, clicking Report, and following the instructions from there.

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