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Secure your home network

Keeping the wireless network in your home secure is also important. Consider these tips from OnguardOnline.gov, a website maintained by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to keep your home network secure. Keep ...

Check your internet speed

How to check your internet speed/run a speed  It is best if you have a computer that you can plug directly to your router.  Do so by plugging an ethernet cable from the ethernet port on your computer...

Power cycle your router

If you are having trouble with your internet, before calling in, you can try power cycling your router.  To do so, disconnect the power cable from the back of the router, leave it unplugged for 30 seconds a...

Understanding the lights on your Cyber Power battery backup

If you are in a fiber location, you will have a cyber power box inside your house.  If your phone/internet are out, this is one of the first thigs that should be checked.  It is a white colored box, us...

General Internet Troubleshooting Tips

If you are experiencing issues with your Internet, here are some things to try that resolve most issues. Disconnect the power from the router and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting. Make sure phone line from...

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