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Save Money. More Choices.

Bundle your services!

Triangle Communications has made staying connected even simpler. Bundled services save you a bundle with one simple rate, taxes and fees included!

Services Included Platinum Always In Touch
Phone Line
Broadband Internet
120 Min. Triangle Long Distance  
Unlimited Triangle Long Distance  
5 Features of Your Choice
Wondering which bundle is right for you? Our Customer Care Team can help!

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Bundles are in effect two business days after the installation of Broadband Internet. You are not required to activate all services in a Bundle in order to receive the bundled rate. Substitutions of services do not apply. To take advantage of the long distance minutes included in the bundled rates, you must have Triangle as your designated long distance carrier. Unused long distance minutes will not be carried forward to the next billing period.

The Triangle Long Distance included in the Bundles applies to direct dialed calls placed within the United States and Canada.

We have just a few questions to ask before getting you set up with a bundle. Enter your information and one of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you about available Broadband speeds and your quote.

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