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Rural Education Teacher Scholarship


Triangle Communications is proud to partner with Montana Telecommunications Association to bring this unique opportunity to rural communities.  Recruiting and retaining good, quality educators in rural schools is a significant problem in Montana. To help draw good educators to schools struggling to hire and retain teachers, each year the Montana Telecommunications Association (MTA) will award one $1,500 scholarship to a current or incoming educator who commits to teaching for three consecutive years in eligible schools.  The scholarship will renew for two additional years - for a total of $4,500 over three years for each winning educator. 

Triangle Communications will select a finalist to submit to MTA.  If Triangle Communications finalist is not selected by MTA, Triangle Communications will award a one-time $1,000 scholarship to the teacher selected as the finalist.

Scholarship Requirement

  • Teach in a B, C or smaller school district
  • Scholarships are paid after completing the school year
  • Teacher does not have to be a member or member-dependent 

Application Requirement

  • Letter of Interest
    • Introduce yourself and your area of study
    • Explain what influenced your decision to become a teacher
    • Convey why you currently teach or want to teach in a rural community
    • Include:
      • Any other qualifications or interests that you think we should know about you. 
      • Positions of leadership
      • Previous awards received  
      • Participation in group activities
      • Community service
    • Explain how a $1,500 annual scholarship for three years would encourage you to stay in your rural community for the next three years    
  • Letter of Recommendation
    • Current Teachers - Include one letter of recommendation from your principal or other administrator
    • Incoming Teacher – Include one letter from someone related to your study of education
  • Contact Information

Applications Must be Received by 3/1/22. 

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