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Sign up for 12Mbps or higher* Internet from Triangle Communications and you can take advantage of FREE or inexpensive video content through our Roku® Package!  Enjoy access to over 1,000 channels with over-the-top HD video, music, games, apps and more with a FREE Roku®.

PLUS!  We’ll give you a Netflix Gift Subscription, FREE!

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Common Questions

Will Roku work with my TV?

works-with-my-tv-75443e8f5ce78d761da265a45fa28e17Roku works with virtually any TV with an HDMI® connection. You can plug your Roku directly into your TV or receiver depending on your preference.

What do I need to set up?

Setting up your Roku® player requires that you have a broadband Internet connection, a wireless router, power (our lawyers made us say it), an HDMI® cable (sold separately), and a TV. Once you have all of those ingredients, just plug in your Roku player. Our guided set up will walk you through updating and installing channels. You should be up and streaming in no time – no nerdy nephew needed.

Do I need a credit card?

You don't need a credit card to use the Roku. There are a lot of free channels/apps you have access to. Although, some services such as Netflix and Hulu require a subscription.

Do I need Satellite or Cable?

No. In fact, many find using the Roku a great replacement for Satellite and Cable!

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Terms and Conditions

• The Roku® + Netflix Package is limited to one per customer and is based upon credit approval.  A credit check may be necessary.

• Under no circumstances will Triangle Communications be responsible for the equipment in the Roku® + Netflix Package. Included in the package is a hardware warranty provided by the manufacturer, not by Triangle Communications. If a problem arises, the manufacturer must be contacted directly. All support calls should be directed to the manufacturer’s support contact information included with the equipment.

• Lost, stolen or malfunctioning equipment is not the responsibility of Triangle Communications. Triangle Communications is not responsible for the transportation or delivery of the Roku® + Netflix Package equipment. The equipment will be shipped in 5 - 7 business days.

• I agree to maintain 12 megabits per second (Mbps) or greater bandwidth Internet service from Triangle Communications for 12 consecutive months. If I disconnect or downgrade my Internet service during that time, I understand that the number of months remaining on my commitment for the Roku® + Netflix Package times $10 will be billed in a lump sum on my next billing statement. 

**The brand & value of the current equipment included in the Roku® + Netflix Package are subject to change based on availability. The approximate value of the equipment will remain constant. Roku® Premiere requires a High Definition television set. If you do not have an HD TV, Triangle will gladly supply you with a Roku® that will work with your TV.

*12Mbps and higher Internet is not available in all areas.